6 Reasons to Love Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are beautiful, and you really can call them furniture for your windows.  Although they are not nearly as expensive as they used to be, plantation shutters are still an investment for your home.  Bearing this in mind, we have put together some practical reasons to love Plantation Shutters:Plantation Shutters Louvers

  1. Light & Dark – plantation shutters work really well during the day to bounce light around your room. However, once it starts getting dark in the evenings, all you need to do to stop people being able to see in, is to tilt the louvers or close them completely.  And although, there will be small amounts of light still coming through (as they are made from wood or MDF), having plantation shutters will keep your rooms really dark for a good night’s sleep!
  2. Privacy – because of the easily tilted louvers, people can’t easily see into your home. With our different styles of Plantation Shutters, you can also choose a style for your windows which will ‘split’ the louvers so you can move the bottom and top louvers independently of one another.
  3. No Cords or Strings – with no cords or strings on plantation shutters, you do not have to fiddle around straightening your blinds, also, if you have children, it’s one less hazard in the home.
  4. The Look – plantation shutters look great – they add a touch of class to any home and they look great from the inside and out.
  5. Energy Efficient – with their insulating properties, Plantation Shutters will keep out the cold in winter so you can turn down the heating. Also, if you have draughty windows, because you are basically adding another ‘layer’ to your window, the draughts are dramatically decreased.
  6. Noise Reduction – as above, because you are adding more ‘layers’ to your window – less noise will be able to come through.
  7. Easy to Clean – Plantation Shutters are so simple to clean – a quick run over with the hoover and damp cloth and they are perfect. We have covered this already in a previous post if you want to take a look How to clean Plantation Shutters.

If you are interested in getting Plantation Shutters, we’d love to hear from you – you can arrange a Free Appointment here.  We are also happy for you to meet with previous customers to see why they love their plantation shutters and have chosen Shutters Of Dublin.  Contact us here for any questions or for a quotation.



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