Pleated Blinds Range

Our Pleated Blinds are perfect for ceilings, windows and doors.

These Pleated Blinds are also a great choice for conservatories and sunrooms as they can be fitted to windows and doors and are also a great choice for French, Patio and Sliding Doors.

Our Pleated Blinds fit snugly within the recess of your windows, while leaving the handles and sills exposed or simply left free-hanging, thus are perfect for the roof, windows and doors. Crepe Pleated Blinds in Vanilla

Pleated Blinds offer a stylish alternative to net curtains, filtering the light and virtually disappearing when not in use. Blackout options are available as well as performance fabrics designed to keep excessive heat and glare out in summer, and warmth in during the winter.

They offer several benefits:

  • Privacy – our Black Out range is ideal for bedrooms
  • They provide the perfect solution for shaped and gable-end windows
  • Perfect for dormer windows, when wall space is at a premium and tilt and turn windows
  • Huge range of colours and fabrics
  • Most models also come in a motorised version
  • Heat reflection and heat conservation
  • Ideal for conservatories as they are made to fit all shaped roof windows

Eco-Pleat Blinds

Ivory Pleated BlindsPleated blinds also come in a unique honeycomb construction which makes the fabric soft, durable and highly energy efficient, minimising the costly escape of household heat.

The insulating features of these Ecopleat blinds result in preventing up to 80% heat loss and 86% of heat gain. These year-round energy saving window coverings are available in an extensive colour range and a wide variey of opaque and semi-opaque fabrics.

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