Motorised Blinds

Shutters Of Dublin’s Motorised Blinds Range uses ‘Somfy‘ solutions.

For large conservatories and sunrooms or for those with high roofs and hard to reach places, motorised blinds are the ideal choice to ensure an easy and smooth operation of your conservatory blinds without the need for poles or wands.somfy-motorised-blinds-remote-control

Simply use the remote control device to operate the blinds. It’s as easy as that.

Our Motorised Blinds range can be used in any window in the home – they are flexible and adaptable and easy to use!

Child Safe Blinds

One of the benefits of having Motorised Blinds are that they eliminate the requirement for an operating cord.  The blind operating cord presents a potential health and safety risk to children as there is a risk of entanglement.

Selecting Motorised Blinds and eliminating the operating cord solves this potential problem and provides a child safe blind solution.

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