Keep Your Rooms Cool with Shutters


With this great weather we’ve had lately the only downside is being able to keep the house cool and flies out!  Getting air into the house is so important and having proper ventilation is essential for keeping the temperature down – especially at nighttime when it can get uncomfortable.  For those homes without shutters – the only way to get the air in is to open the window and open the curtains or raise the blinds – what a nuisance! – you either get no privacy or flapping window treatments!

However – with plantation shutters it’s so much easier!  Shutters allow you to fully open your windows – but can be kept open without the worry of them moving around or slamming off the walls!  The shutter louvres can be adjusted so that they control the airflow into the room (and the flies) – this also helps with privacy and harsh sunlight.

sliding-door-shutters-whiteOpening your windows for air circulation is one thing, but also not having adjustable shutters means that direct sunlight can be too bright to sit in a room and the room is at risk of fading from sun damage.   It also means you have little to no privacy!

Shutters Of Dublin, Cork & Galway shutters come in many different styles which are great not only for air circulation during the warmer months, but also will insulate against the cold in winter.  Our most popular style of shutters are full height shutters which run the whole height of the window and can be fully opened, closed and adjusted.



All the shutters we design and install are custom made to your specific measurements and styled to your individual taste. If you would like more information on how our shutters can benefit you this summer and indeed throughout the rest of the year, please don’t hesitate to get in contact for a no obligation chat!




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