Plantation Shutters for Privacy

This pretty house in Howth was lacking privacy at the front and sides and also had large sliding doors in the kitchen opening out onto a courtyard.

Plantation Shutters Kitchen Plantation Shutters
Together with our customer, we decided that the best solution was to install Plantation Shutters on the sash windows around the house and Pleated Blinds for the large sliding doors at the back of the house.

Plantation ShuttersPlantation Shutters
Joe went for Silk White Plantation Shutters with a 2″ louver and hidden tilt wand. They are made from our lightweight Parasol which has a lovely distinctive grain that stands out even when painted. The Pleated Blinds are made in Beige with white rails and are free-hanging. You can see how they fold up out of the way when not in use.

Pleated BlindsPleated Blinds

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