Office Plantation Shutters – Galway

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the thought of settling down to work at home can cause me to groan – I always see all the other things that can be done around the place, and never totally get into work!  However, when I saw these shutters that we fitted in Galway – besides instant jealousy – I knew that this would be a home office where even my wandering mind could focus!

The shutters are in Silk White from our Classic Range (see here), they have our Easy Tilt mechanism (which has no visible tilt rod) and have 3″ louvres.  This louvre width is brand new (only launched in February) and gives much more ‘viewthrough’ – but still offers great privacy.

Office Plantation Shutters_Shutters_Of_Dublin

Office Plantation Shutters_Shutters_Of_Dublin

Silk White Plantation Shutters_Shutters_Of_Dublin

We also fitted shutters to the French Doors from the office into the garden.  The shutters were fitted on a track so that they can be slid to one side to allow easy access.  When the shutters are pulled back they move like a concertina and stack beside each other.

Tracked Door Plantation Shutters_Shutters_Of_Dublin

For the time being – I’ll be staying in my normal home office – however, I can dream of new offices – and less distractions!

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