Shutter Blinds in Ringsend, Dublin 4

This apartment in Ringsend, Dublin 4 has been transformed with the installation of Plantation Shutter Blinds from our Classic Range.


1 Ringsend Dublin Plantation Shutters Before

The Venetian Blinds in place before our make-over were awkward and difficult to use.

2 Ringsend Dublin Plantation Shutters Patio Doors

When we installed our Plantation Shutters, the room immediately looked more sophisticated and elegant.  Not only that, but the use of shutter doors meant that there were no more cords to contend with or banging blinds when the doors were open.

3 Ringsend Dublin Plantation Shutters Patio Doors Open

The Shutter doors can also open back to ensure easy passage into the much used balcony.

4 Ringsend Plantation Shutters Patio Doors Back

The shutter doors can be left open or closed.

5 Ringsend Dublin Venetian Blinds Before Shutters

The bedroom also required a facelift – and the use of matching shutters with those of the living room, not only ensures a consistent look throughout the apartment, but gives privacy and comfort.

6 Ringsend Dublin Plantation Shutters Bedroom First

7 Ringsend Dublin Plantation Shutters Bedroom

The Guest Bedroom also is brightened up with the installation of our Plantation Shutters.

8 Ringsend Dublin Venetian Blinds Guest Bedroom

9 Ringsend Dublin Plantation Shutters Guest Bedroom

These shutters look amazing across this apartment – and can be used in period homes, country houses and modern apartments.  To get a fuss-free quotation contact us HERE 

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