Will Plantation Shutters Make My Room Dark?

When we are out and about meeting people every day, a question we get asked a lot is ‘will plantation shutters make my room dark?’

The main thing to remember about Plantation Shutters is that they give you the ability to control how much light comes into your room.  Thus – if you want a bright, room with lots of light entering or you would like a more romantic, cozy feel – both are possible with Plantation Shutters.

Open Louver Plantation Shutters
Half open Plantation Shutters
Open Plantation Shutters

Creating a Bright Effect with Plantation Shutters

You can set the mood in your room by considering the colour of the Shutters and size of the Louvers.  If you want maximum light entering, we would suggest that you opt for a large size louver e.g. 2.5″ and in a bright colour e.g. Silk White.  Another way would be to opt for either the ‘Hidden’ or ‘Side’ tilt wand options – which will limit the amount of light obstruction on the Shutter itself.

The light wood will make your room appear bigger and brighter, allowing light to bounce off the light colours and reflect this pale light into the rest of your room. Also, because we custom-mae and design all of our Shutters to fit your windows perfectly, they will blend into the window frame so that they are not too imposing in your room.

Louvered Shutters allow you to open the louvers as much, or as little, as you wish – this will help you filter the light and give you control over the amount of light coming into your room.  Because you can move the louvers either up or down, they can be moved to filter light so that the room doesn’t get too hot in summer and at other times they can be adjusted to ensure the light can flood the room.


Black Out Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters’ Black-Out Effect

One of the major benefits of Plantation Shutters is that they can create a black-out effect ideal for bedrooms.  Because we custom-make our shutters to fit the measurements of your windows. there are no unfilled gaps which would allow light in.  When the louvers are fully closed, the shutters can give privacy and darkness to your rooms and ensure that any light coming through is minimised.

So Do They Make My Room Dark?

Ultimately, the beauty of Plantation Shutters are that they are adjustable so they can make your room dark and private when you need it, but when you want light in your room, they are easily opened to ensure you can achieve a bright, sunny room.

Bright Bedroom Plantation Shutters

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